Typo Police…

Today I was at Wal-Mart.  I really hate spending much time there on an day.  They are now remodeling the store.   While waiting for a ride on cart to become available for Palley I happened to notice a sign.  “The vision center is temporary located at the grocery side entrance We are remolding the vision center for you.”

How many errors can you count?

Don’t believe me?

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Fun with the Roomba

Yesterday as I left for work I hit the clean button on the roomba and went to work.  When I returned my room had been nicely vacuumed.  I love robots.  🙂

Now, i need help naming him though.  I’m terrible with names.

So, post your ideas as comments, and I’ll post the winner here.  This is what he looks like:

Roomba Sage