Maggie and Dave’s Wedding

I had a great time Saturday night at Maggie and Dave’s wedding.  Lots of friends, lots of laughter, good food, and a surprise performance by Bounding Main.

Just for the record, I’m pretty sure that is the 1st time I’ve ever heard of anyone singing Drunken Sailor at a wedding. 🙂

Also for the record, here are two wedding related verses I came up with:

  • Put her in a dress and stand her at the alter
  • Stick him in a tux and make him wed her

I only used the second one though because the 1st one popped into my head about 10 minutes after the song was over.  Should the need ever arise again though… hehehe…


2 thoughts on “Maggie and Dave’s Wedding

  1. Maggie and Dave’s wedding was perfect! And how delightful to have Bounding Main perform as they changed the ballroom over from dinner to dancing. I can’t wait to see pictures of THAT performance! 🙂

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