I have returned

I have returned from my TNRF trip. I don’t know that I have felt this welcome at a distant faire before. All sorts of people recognized our group and genuinely welcomed us back. “I’m so glad you came back! We’ve missed you.” Even the Queen herself made it a point to play with us a bit when she recognized us. I had an absolutely wonderful time, and made some new friends, renewed old friendships and just genuinely relaxed.

Kudos to all the cast, crew, and entertainment for their part in making this a wonderful weekend.

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So yesterday I made my first donation to the “Deport Bounding Main” campaign. It wasn’t a lot but every little bit helps.


I think it would be an incredible experience to go along to the festival myself. Perhaps if I do get a decent raise I would be able to put aside enough to afford it. Time will tell.


Today is my yearly performance evaluation.   Should be interesting.   I don’t know if that’s why I didn’t sleep well last night, or if it was the warm weather. Perhaps it was the annoying bird sitting outside my window who decided that 4 a.m. was a good time to start looking for a mate.  “CREEE CAAAW TWEET TWEET”  every 10 seconds…

Good luck today with finals , I am sure you will do fine though.  I have faith in you.