AHHHHHHHHHHH So Quiet… To Quiet…

Ok… I came down with something over the weekend….  Seems similar to my usual sinus mess, except this one added a new twist.  From 3 pm until about 10 am this morning my right ear was driving me crazy.  Now, those that know me at all know my ears are incredibly sensitive to sound. I can frequently identify people as they approach just by their breathing patterns and footfalls. Hearing conversations across a room is normal for me…  It’s jsut a part of life I’m just used to.   Now, starting at 2 pm yesterday, my hearing started to diminish in my right ear, and the ear felt weird…  by 3pm it felt like it was full of water and my hearing was greatly diminished.   No I supose it really wasn’t much different than “normal” hearing, but for me it was freaky.  I walked around the library and on my left side I could hear at my normal levels.. foot falls… conversations… doors opening, closing, etc…  on my right side…  it was quiet…  Occasional noises registered, but they had to be decently loud.  It was really quite creepy…  It didn’t really hurt, it was more like my ear had been filled with water.

After work things started humming in that ear, and i started to have a touch of dizzyness.  At that point I decided I was probably working on some sort of inner ear infection…
Thankfully after a nights rest, some sinus meds, and a trip to the Dr. things are beginning to return to my version of normal.   I can once again hear at a pretty good distance, and things no longer seem muddled. No ringing, except when the phone goes off, or when an incandescent light bulb first comes on with a dimmer.
I won’t even pretend to imagine what it’s like for someone to go deaf, but just that little diminished level of my hearing made me appreciate what I have that much more.  I hope I won’t complain about the drawbacks as much anymore either.  (High pitched noises still hurt like hell, no getting around that)


One thought on “AHHHHHHHHHHH So Quiet… To Quiet…

  1. That thing with your right ear? I have that problem on a daily, permanent basis. It’s annoying, and I sometimes try to stab at my ear canals just to see if I could shock my ears back into hearing.

    Unfortunately, some old wives tales are actually bad for you.

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