So long Mr Wizard

I learned this morning that Mr. Wizard has passed away. I am saddened by this news. I always LOVED his show, and credit him with a lot of my fascination with technology, and science. What an amazing man he was. With the two separate shows he managed to inspire two generations. He will be missed.  DVDs of both shows are available at:
My favorite experiments on “Mr Wizard’s World” had to be:

  • The vacuum experiment. This is the one where he sent the kid up a tall building to suck the grape juice up the straw to demonstrate that lungs couldn’t produce enough vacuum to do it. And then he showed that a vacuum pump could also not do it.
  • I also loved any of the surface tension experiments. Lycopodium powder was just so cool…

Other memorable experiments:

  • The demonstration of the light pen on a computer.
  • The amount of water actually present in snow.
  • Cleaning silver using aluminum and salt. (I’m pretty sure thats where I learned that trick)
  • The mousetrap nuclear fission demonstration
  • How pulleys work
  • How sprinklers work

Add your favorite experiments to the comments!