Sprecher Makes BBQ?

Tonight I plan on grilling ribs.  I am always looking for something new to try on whatever I grill.  I happen to love to use rubs on things, and thought I might rummage through my collection of sauces and rubs to see what I had.  I couldn’t find any dry rubs left.  Huh…  Can’t imagine how I let that happen.  Fortunately the grocery store in Sandwich,  “Art’s”  always has a really good selection of seasonings, herbs, etc… Thankfully Wal-Mart has NOT put them out of business.  Its a little store, and things are stacked nearly to the ceiling, but I find that adds to the charm. Besides, you NEVER know what you might find there if you just keep looking.  Today was no exception.  I wandered the store for a good half hour, and found a number of rubs, I picked up a couple and continued to wander.  As I did I spied another area of seasonings I had never noticed before.  This section contained a whole host of assorted BBQ sauces I’d never heard of, and so I started examining them.  As I did I discovered a bottle with the name Sprecher on it, and was surprised.  “Sprecher makes BBQ sauce!?!?!?… OOOOOOH WANT!”  So I bought a bottle. I have opened it, and WOW! YUM!!!  The ribs are now sitting in the BBQ sauce, the idea of using a dry rub long since passed from my mind…  yum yum yum yum yum…



Ugh…  My arms are tired…   I just spent the morning clearing out brush, and trimming up overgrown hedges.   I cannot believe how much crap has grown up on the property in under a year.  Last year all through faire season I did a little yard work at least one night a week.  I had the place pretty well trimmed up, and looking better than it has in years.   Today I decided before faire starts, I jolly well better get back at it and get all the undergrowth and newly sprouted scrub trees cut down.  I swear, you would think that someone went through the yard with miracle grow this past year.  There were trees everywhere.  Not just little sprouts of trees, but 5 and 6 foot tall beasts.   Geeez!  I swear to god mulberry trees are alien lifeforms that land overnight and take root.

Anyway, my arms are tired, scratched and dirty… but in front of the house there is now a pile of brush the size of my car.   It contains,  Buckeye trees, elm trees, walnut trees, mulberry trees, maple trees, forsythia, honeysuckle, thistle, grape vine, and a few other viney weeds that I don’t know the name of.

Anyone need random brush for anything?