It’s wierd to be me

I swear I live a weird life…

We went for Chinese food to the newly opened restaurant down the road from work.   The food is average, we called ahead so it was ready when we got there.  When we finished we opened our fortune cookies.  My fortune read:

“Everything will now come your way.”

When we had all read our fortunes we notices there were extra cookies, so we divvied them up again.  Once the other fortunes had been read, I opened mine, and it read:

“Everything will now come your way.”

No one else got a duplicate… what the heck… and why exactly is everything coming my way?   If the universe is constantly expanding then does that mean I live in the outer limits?


2 thoughts on “It’s wierd to be me

  1. TOLD YOU you create your own gravitational field! I TOLD YOU.

    It’s your magnetic personality!

    *ducks and runs*

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