The Laundromat

Well, at the moment our washer has decided to develop amnesia.  It has forgotten how to spin the water out of the clothes.   It pumps the tub dry, and does the rest of the washing ok… but just doesn’t spin things out.    It is under warranty, so it will get fixed, unfortunately it must be washing machine repair season or something.  The repair technician cannot get here until after the 4th of july…   ARRRGH… So until that time, I have to load up the car full of laundry, and make the trip to the local laundromat.

In some regards I do like using the laundromat… Where it would normally take me all day to do all of the laundry, I can get the entire task done in around 2 hours.  I like that.  Instead of having to wait for one washer to finish to start the next load, I simply put the next load in the next washer, and repeat until all washing is started at the same time.  The same thing goes for drying. A couple loads in this dryer, a couple in this dryer, and wait.   When sorted properly I can even time the drying so that I’m done folding the lightweight items before the jeans and towels are done.    It seems so much more efficient.

The downside of this arrangement, aside form the added cost, is the people. Read on…
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