Yes, it’s June… Yes, I’m thinking about Halloween…

I’m thinkign this year, as a bit of a change up… why not do a pirate themed display…

I coudl possibly turn the porch into a pirate ship…

the skeletons are all easliy dressable as pirates….

i could possibly even turn the lawnmower into a dinghy…  make some cannons… make a fake ship front to stand up in front of the hedges…  make a crows nest for the roof of the porch… use whit painters tarp in place of the black plastic i use for light blocking for the ghost…. give the ghost a ships wheel…  I could possibly even turn the ghost 90 degrees to make it look correct, even if i dont it might work… I have the ramp to use for “walking the plank” or at least as a boarding ramp… God knows I have enough pirate stuff…   I could slap a bandanna and eye patch on the puppet and replace one hand with a hook…   I may have to sketch this out and see what it looks like…  It might be fun, and put a bit of new life into the display…


Anyone have any thoughts?


The sales call that wasn’t

I just received a rather insane phone call.  Company names have been omitted to prevent me from getting sued, the callers name was the name he gave me in classic telemarketing fill in the blank format.
When I answered the phone I was greeted in a very thick Middle-Eastern type accent.

Caller:   “Good day Mr Wohlers, my name is __jim__ from *really big software company*

Caller:   “I am calling to see if I can help you with anything related to *really big software company’s flagship product* in your business today”

I found myself thinking, ‘Huh, a new twist… ok, I’m game…’

Me: “Uh.. Ok…”

Caller:   “I show here that you do already use *flagship product* in your business”

Me: “Yes, it’s an embedded product licence provided by our library vendor”

Caller:  “oh yes very good… yes the *flagship product* embedded license, very good…”


Me: “Ok… Um…”

Caller: “yes, so is there anything that I may help you with?”

Me: “uh…. I don’t know that there is…” (Quick John think! think! think!) “oh wait, Yes… Can I connect to the embedded *flagship product* using *whiz bang technology*?”

Caller:  “ok. Yes very good. Thank You.”

HUH?  what wait… huh…????

Caller: “So is there anything else that I can help you with today?”

Me: “uh… I guess not no…”

Caller: “ok, thank you”

At that point I hung up, slightly confused and yet chuckling to myself…