“Swooping Vengeful Susan of Justice!”

Nice title, Dean… 🙂

Well, as I mentioned in a previous post Seelie Court was performing at the Fountainside stage. As they started their performance Susan Scott Fry walked up and sat in the audience, clipboard in hand taking notes. About halfway through the set, I started noticing a loud bell and annoying whistle coming from down the hill. I assumed Dextre had switched to a bell in place of his chainsaw, however later it was mentioned to me that the bell was one of the town criers. After a few seconds of this mildly annoying interruption (On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being chainsaw, this was no more than a 5 in my book), I saw Susan’s head snap to the right, she stood up and took off towards Lord Mayors Forum at a brisk pace. The moment she arrived both the whistle and the bell fell silent. By the end of the song Susan had returned to her place in the audience, and there were no more interruptions from the Lord Mayors stage. By the end of the set, when she left, Susan seemed to be in a good mood and had laughed at some of the antics of the show.

As for which crier it was, I do not know, and I am also not sure if it was actually Dextre, or one of the other acts on the Lord Mayors Forum stage. I did not have my glasses on and so all I could see were various moving blobs of color. What I do know is that Susan has now personally witnessed how disruptive acts on the Lord Mayor’s Forum can be to acts at Fountainside even when just hawking for a show.

Highly Illogical…

I was just given the “solution” to a problem I have been trying to work around. Our library catalog has a scripting language of sorts that allows you to do a lot of great things. Unfortunately, it also has a nasty logic flaw that I have discovered.

Value 1 Operator Value 2 Result
“A” = “a” TRUE
“a” = “A” FALSE
“a” = “a” TRUE
“A” = “A” FALSE

I realize, internally the programmers decided to automatically lowercase all input fed to the comparison on the left side. The problem is, there is no function to lowercase a variable. So, If I save the value of some function, say “LibraryName” someplace, and then try to compare it later… I run into “Aurora” = “Aurora” equating to FALSE because what is really being compared internally is: “aurora” and “Aurora”…