Tonight on the Grill – July 3rd edition

Tonight’s grilling involved fresh zucchini, polish kielbasa, and shells and cheese.   The kielbasa  took about 15 to 20 minutes on medium high heat and was straightforwardly simple grilling.   For the zucchini, I cut a V wedge length ways, and in the wedge i placed strips of muenster cheese, and replaced the wedge.   I then brushed the whole thing with a mixture of olive oil, pepper and a tiny amount of salt.  This was placed on my grill tray along side the kielbasa on low heat.    Once the zucchini was tender I placed another strip of cheese on the top of each and let it just barely melt before serving.

Yum… 🙂


Fed Up…

Ok, I’ve been mulling over this whole presidential get out of jail free card scooter libby has, and frankly I’m pissed. The man was CONVICTED… What the hell! How is it because he’s friends of the president… he gets a presidential get out of jail free card… What the hell!

I signed the petition, and I also wrote the following blurb and sent it to my senators, and Dennis Hastert…

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