Fed Up…

Ok, I’ve been mulling over this whole presidential get out of jail free card scooter libby has, and frankly I’m pissed. The man was CONVICTED… What the hell! How is it because he’s friends of the president… he gets a presidential get out of jail free card… What the hell!

I signed the moveon.org petition, and I also wrote the following blurb and sent it to my senators, and Dennis Hastert…

Mr Senator,
After hearing the news that Mr. bush pardoned Scooter Libby, I was shocked, and completely disgusted. Is there ANY accountability left for the actions of those in power? How is it this man can get away with such an abuse of presidential power? Have we truly reached the Orwellian point where we have one rule for the powerful, and another for everyone else?
“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”
This abuse of power must stop, PLEASE do something about this. I suggest we impeach the president and reform the presidential powers of pardon to prevent future presidents from committing this same egregious abuse of power.


2 thoughts on “Fed Up…

  1. OMG…I’m glad this irritated someone else as bad as it did me. Friggin Paris Hilton got more jail time and punishment than this idiot. Ughhhhhh.

  2. I agree with you and am signing the moveon petition. Sadly ol’ GW has nothing to lose and seems to be using his final days for personal advantage. Even if impeachment proceedings were to start there is no way we’d see a conclusion before the next election.

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