Opening Weekend 2007

Wow! What a weekend, it felt so good to be back “home” at Bristol. I got to see a ton of my friends again, and received many hugs, kisses, and shouts of joy. I still don’t know if I will ever get used to people shouting in excitement when they see me. For some reason it seems weird.


  • Visiting Friends: Oh Lord, how many friends did I get to catch up with this weekend. It was wonderfull, and probably contributed to the reason why I didn’t feel at all tired when I got home after midnight yesterday, nor did I feel tired when I woke up this morning. AHHHHHHHHH
  • Emergency Pouch repair service: Saturday morning first thing I had one of those urges I try not to ignore to go to the leather shop. While there I was greeted by the owner, and a friend and I poked around. I spied a Concho of an interesting design, and on a whim I bought it. Later in the day, opened her pouch and her button broke. “Sorry, I’ve got nothing to fix that…”, I said. Then seconds later I was smacked upside the head, “OH WAIT!!!” I reached into my pouch, pulled out the new concho. “I forgot! Here, I have this, and a knife, and screwdriver…” In ~5 minutes, to the confusion of those around me, I had repaired the pouch. And while sitting next to lifeonwry I noticed the concho even came close to matching the concho on her mug strap. heheheh
  • High Speed Mary Mac: During Craig’s show, I beat him at the high speed verse of Mary Mac unintentionally. Applause from both Craig and the audience ensued. I hope I wasn’t to much of an idiot, I got caught up in the moment. Sorry Craig…
  • Pig and Whistle Fun with Jock and Tipplers way:I was heading towards FOF, with RB-Bob and Jen for gatorberry juice, when I hear “JOHN!!!! WHERE ARE YOU GOING!!!”, Yelled from in the pub. I turned to see Jock Stewart and company. “THAT WAY!”, I retorted and pointed towards the FOF garden. “GET IN HERE! We Still have time for at least one more song!” So I did. 🙂 Personalized, gorilla marketing of shows…gotta love it…
  • uh… Street Musician: His name is gone out of my name forgetting head, {Edit: Michael Dvorak }, but there was a new well not so new… street musician this weekend. He and he daughter did some WONDERFUL street work/music. They didn’t just sit and play songs (which I do love) rather they had full bits they did in the street, arguments between father and daughter… patron interaction, resolution of conflict, and plugging nearby shows… WOW VERY VERY COOL! Turns out he was the music director from years ago when King Richards Faire became Bristol. I hope they are back for the full run and not just one weekend, they were very fun!
  • The not a Revel, Revel: Ahhhhhhh I’m so happy, the Revel is alive and well again this year!! Opening day it peaked at 56 in the audience!!! Sunday, despite all the heat it peaked at 32!!! And due to all the changes, Dan even got to join in. Thank you to all who helped return the benches!
  • Pillow Fight: Jen and Sonji had a pillow fight. Amazons and Wenches rolling in the hey certainly was entertaining. And, It drew a crowd of paytrons all cheering the event on. 🙂
  • New Minstrel Review: The New Minstrel Review did a great job. There was a lot of spontaneity, and humor. The music was great, some wonderful new songs, and some great renditions of some traditional numbers.

I’m not going to dwell on the negative, but just a couple things that I need to mention, one for my own personal reminder so I fix it ASAP.


  • Fix Scabbard: Ok, I need to fix the wood scabbard of my knife. It is quite broken now, the very sharp blade is now able to stick out the side. Saturday I slid my finger down to adjust the knife and scabbard, and slide my finger right down the exposed blade. OUCH! Thank you to Dragonmamma for the bandaid and neosporin.
  • CHAINSAW: Ok, the number one bitchy point about the weekend, they have hired Dexter Trippe. He’s a good act, and very entertaining from what I’ve seen of the show at other faires. HOWEVER!!! He juggles a chainsaw!!! NO NO NO NO NO!!!! No chainsaws at Bristol!!! Every time he fired that damn thing up it completely yanked me right out of “the experience” like a car coming to a sudden halt as it collides with a solid brick wall… WHAM! Not only does it rip me out of the moment, but it blows up shows. I was watching Tourdion and they were singing and all of a sudden in the middle of the set “RUNNN NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA” the freaking chainsaw overpowered their show. BAD BRISTOL! NO CHAINSAW!!!
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    4 thoughts on “Opening Weekend 2007

    1. I’ve got to second you on the chainsaw. It would be very unfortunate if Dextre’s entire act centered around that confounded thing (I’ve not actually watched his show, so I honestly don’t know) because I’m sure if he replaced the chainsaw with something equally outrageous but not so blatantly non-period, I think everyone would be a lot happier. On the other hand, we are looking for someone with a chainsaw to help out the Street folks by leveling a huge tree stump in the Inner Circle so we can install a table top on it, so maybe we should look him up this weekend and recruit him for our cause! 😉

    2. Question- when is the said minstrels jam? I will so be there if it does not conflict with any st. george scheduled performances.

    3. How on earth do they justify chainsaws!?! We will be out there on the 14th….trying to get there b4 10am to see if there is a preformance b4 hand like there was before….knights on horses, etc. I’m sooo excited. I hope Cody likes it. I also hope he can eat something there…he’s got so many food allergies.

    4. Thanks for the great photos and positive comments about Mike and Emilia’s very first show together at Bristol!

      (Mike is Michael Dvorak who was a troubador at KRF in the 70’s and then went on to be Faire Special Events Coordinator, Music Director and Entertainment Director until 1989. Emilia is our 13 year old daughter. They have worked together before in Kent Shelton’s Wild West shows and in community and college theatre.)

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