Fermilab or Faire

I’ve just been notified of a bit of a scheduling conundrum… Fermilab has their schedule of concerts, and performances out. On that schedule is “Woods Tea Company”. Of course, they are scheduled for a faire night. Saturday, August 4th, at 8 pm. This is very frustrating. I could leave faire early, and make the show no problem. But of course I would be missing the end of the day revel that day, and that’s one of the things I really look forward to… Then again, thats only ONE DAY of the revel, and I’ve really wanted to see Woods Tea Company for a couple years now… Arrrgh decisions decisions…

Ok… Opinions people?


6 thoughts on “Fermilab or Faire

  1. If you go see Woods Tea Company would you need to get tickets in advance? Or could you head to faire that day with your car (and clothes) prepped to head over to the Woods show and delay the decision until the last-minute.

    It really *is* only one day of final revel, and you’ll have been to all the rest, but some days are “magical” and some days are “eh” and you’ll only know which it is on *that* day, and then you’ll *know*. So I say, delay the decision if you possibly can.

    What’s the downside of leaving after final revel and being late to the other show? Take that into consideration as well. If it’s really no big deal, then get there late….

  2. If it is only one day then go for it. I am going to KYRF to make a sword, and I’m missing one weekend but it is to do something special. So you miss the end of the day revel for a day it is not that big of a deal go have fun. You said yourself you have wanted to see them for years.

  3. And the next time they are close, as listed on their website, is April 2008.

    I say go for it.

    You will see 18 out of 19 revels and, frankly, you only live once.
    You have always made a point of doing things you wanted to do, why question yourself now?

  4. As much as you love faire and the end of the day sing-along, how often are you going to get a chance to go to see Fermilab? I’d say go for the concert, and while there’s a chance you’ll miss an incredibly unique and awesome revel, it’s much more likely to be a regular revel (which is still good, but nothing distinguishable from other revels), and the Fermilab show is a once in how long and event?

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