Bristol – Week 3

I know I haven’t posted other weekend reviews but I just felt like rambling a bit tonight. (ok, and as I typed that my internal soundtrack just switched to “I’m a rover” by Great Big Sea… funny…)


Saturday started out a little scary. It was CD release day for Seelie Court. Except there were no CD’s to release. Ok, thats not totally true, there were CD’s but they weren’t packaged, and there was no packaging to put them in. Shortly after 8, the packaging arrived… sorta… It was missing the nipples to mount the CD’s to the cases… Jon made a mad dash to his office to find something to use to at least get a few CD’s for the weekend. As the time before their 1st show grew shorter I ran into Jeremy, and he offered to help with the assembly when Jon got back. (You rock man, I wish you lived closer than TX) Well, it started looking like Jon wasn’t going to make it back in time, and Jess tapped Jeremy to possibly help fill the set. Jon made it back with about 20 minutes to go before the show. Those remaining minutes were used in an assembly line that would have made henry ford proud. Brianna folded cases, Jeremy and I applied the stick on nipples, Jess put CD’s in the cases, Lindsay and Shawn applied plastic packaging to the discs. With 3 minutes to spare Seelie took the stage with 30 some CD’s available for sale.
The rest of the day went by pretty fast with all sorts of fun. The audiences were good, the weather couldn’t have been better, and everyone had a good time.
Oh, it was also FOF feast, YUMMMMMM… Chicken… beef… salmon… pork… more chicken… hotdogs… some salads… artichokes… again, YUM…


Another fun day with Seelie Court. Great sets, Susan Scott Fry sat in for one of them, witnessed 1st hand the chaos caused by the events at lord mayors forum, and did something about it right then and there. Towards the end of the afternoon Jon and Jeremy put a baby to sleep with some lullaby’s. Of course this happened right before the last set, and so that set will now forever be known as the Sleeping Baby Set. The set was a very quiet, soft, pretty set. The audience, rather than erupt into loud cheering, all switched to the ASL sign for cheering (wow, what a well trained audience) and 4 of 1 even managed to make a completely silent sales pitch. 🙂 I’m quite pleased that the prop CD was actually prepared for this by the way. 🙂

After the last official set, there was another set down at Thistlecroft for the cook off. mmmm cheesecake, apple crisp, guiness, and two stews…

The end of the day brought us back to the Ship for the revel. Once again, a number of great songs were tossed out. Michael O’Quinn (Jeremy) offered up a new crowd favorite that many of us had only heard for the 1st time last weekend. I don’t remember the verses but I believe the Chorus is:
Here’s to his-tory
and one to mem-ory
and here’s to the point
where all memory ends.
On the last drop
raise your glass raise it up.
For there’s nothing so fine as a drink between friends.

Overall it was quite a weekend. I’m going to miss having Seelie there, and I’m also going to miss our new friend. I’ve not seen anyone just “click” so well in a long time.


12 thoughts on “Bristol – Week 3

  1. Looking forward to the story of how Susan dealt with the chaos at Lord Mayor’s Forum. Dare I hope that she did something about the chainsaw? In a way that makes it GO AWAY FOREVER?!?!?! One can hope….

  2. So JEREMY is the one that stole my job helping to assemble the cd’s!!!
    I wondered why my phone never rang!!
    Thanks Jeremy!

  3. Don’t know if HTML is allowed, but I’ll give it a try:

    Here’s a health to his-to-ryAnd one to mem-o-ryAnd here’s to the point where all memory endsOn the last drop, raise your glass, chase it upFor there’s nothing so fine as a drink between friends

    Written by a friend of mine and a group he was in that never made it out of rehearsal. Couldn’t let that song die.

  4. Pardon the double-post – here it is, with spacing (the BR tag doesn’t work, but EM and BLOCKQUOTE do?)

    Here’s a health to his-to-ry
    And one to mem-o-ry
    And here’s to the point where all memory ends
    On the last drop, raise your glass, chase it up
    For there’s nothing so fine as a drink between friends

  5. Huzzah for Seelie! And wonderful CD-saving efforts.

    That song Jeremy sang git stuck in my head. How far away is Texas? Like, if we went to shanghai Jeremy, would we be back before lunch?

  6. Also, just noticed the first line.

    Titles of my next 2 CDs:

    Songs in the Key of Sea
    Seldom Sober

    Should be getting material together soon. Any suggestions?

  7. Jennifer – It’s 16 hours (or 10-12 of 17 discs of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows). Would have to fly to get back before lunch.

    Could always come visit my home faire, though.

  8. Hmmm… well… Some personal favs of mine include:
    Last Shanty by Tom Lewis
    Grey Funnel Line by Cyril Tawney
    General Taylor
    Fiddler’s Green by John Connelly

  9. And when you say “next” CDs, am I to take that to mean there are existing CDs at this time?

    You know, Jeremy, you should consider getting a blog so we could all talk to you there… 😛

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