Huh… Would ya look at that…

Your Score: a Pirate

You scored 6 Honor, 3 Justice, 6 Adventure, and 8 Individuality!

Arr matey. You may belive in honor, and justice, and you certainly have a sense of adventure. But mostly, you play by your own rules. Your code is your own and you are flexible in most situations.

Dress flamboyant and look into a parrot. I think you’ll do fine.

Link: The Cowboy-Ninja-Pirate-Knight Test written by fluffy71 on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test


Just in case you are wondering, I’m fine… Theres a little bit of water running across the floor in the basement, but this is sadly normal in our house, always has been with any significant rain. No downed trees, or branches etc… We’re lucky.

Meme of the day…

Stolen from …

You are The Emperor

Stability, power, protection, realization; a great person.

The Emperor is the great authority figure of the Tarot, so it represents
fathers, father-figures and employers. There is a lot of aggression and violence

The Emperor naturally follows the Empress. Like an infant, he is filled with enthuiasm, energy, aggression. He is direct, guileless and all too often irresistible. Unfortunately, like a baby he can also be a tyrant. Impatient, demanding, controlling. In the best of circumstances, he signifies the leader that everyone wants to follow, sitting on a throne that indicates the solid foundation of an Empire he created, loves and rules with intelligence and enthusiasm. But that throne can also be a trap, a responsibility that has the Emperor feeling restless, bored and discontent.

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Saturdays WOW!!! AWWWWW!!! moment

There are moments that can just completely blow me away. I had one of those moments Saturday. I was messing around at the faire out in the street, just wandering and talking to people and their kids as I seem to do a lot of anymore. As I was sauntering along I heard an excited “SEE I TOLD YOU HE WOULD BE HERE!!!” I turned to my right to see a family come towards me. I greeted them, not remembering at all who they were… The father realized this quickly and filled my memory gap. “We are so glad we found you here, after we saw you last Friday at Tall ships.” Memory Jogged, I began to talk to them and asked them how they were enjoying their day. I asked them what they had seen, and what their favorite things were. Through the course of the conversation I found that this was their 1st visit to Bristol and it was prompted due to my interaction with them last Friday. Before we finished talking I got down really low and whispered to their daughter, “Is it safe?” Her eyes lit up and her head nodded extremely fast. then she said “I have it hidden like you said! It’s safe!” “Good lass! You keep it safe for me and you make sure you have a great time here today for me ok!” “OK!!! I WILL!” At that I excused myself and sauntered off to regain my composure.

Holy crap… No rain, no cold, no flooding can ever top a moment like that.


It was Palley’s (my mom for newcomers) Birthday yesterday. As is tradition we went to dinner. She chose a little local place that used to be very good. The place recently changed names and I’ve been meaning to try it out. Lets just say we were rather disappointed. The friendly cheerful service we were used to is gone. The food quality is ok I guess, I wasn’t really impressed. I’m quite certain I could have done a better job on the Chicken Agli Oli Oh. The waitress ignored us most of the night, while the people that came in after us were seated, and served their meal before our appetizers even arrived.
On the good side, Palley’s gift went over really well. I’ve not seen her so genuinely excited over a gift in a long time. Her gift? A roomba of her very own. Now she has a robot to do the vacuuming downstairs. She already ran it through her bedroom last night and it did a good job. I still find it amazing how much it picks up in a room that is vacuumed regularly.