It was Palley’s (my mom for newcomers) Birthday yesterday. As is tradition we went to dinner. She chose a little local place that used to be very good. The place recently changed names and I’ve been meaning to try it out. Lets just say we were rather disappointed. The friendly cheerful service we were used to is gone. The food quality is ok I guess, I wasn’t really impressed. I’m quite certain I could have done a better job on the Chicken Agli Oli Oh. The waitress ignored us most of the night, while the people that came in after us were seated, and served their meal before our appetizers even arrived.
On the good side, Palley’s gift went over really well. I’ve not seen her so genuinely excited over a gift in a long time. Her gift? A roomba of her very own. Now she has a robot to do the vacuuming downstairs. She already ran it through her bedroom last night and it did a good job. I still find it amazing how much it picks up in a room that is vacuumed regularly.