OpenID is here

Ok folks, I got to playing with OpenID last night. Instead of having to fill in all those fields to comment on my blog, you can now just enter your LJ account URL in the OpenID field below and it will let you post. LJ’s OpenID support is a little rickety… but it is there. I personally recommend creating an OpenID at Their implementation is leaps and bounds ahead of LJ’s, but I realize hey you are already most likely using LJ so why not jsut use that.

So, if your URL to your blog is: just put in in the OpenID field below, and fill in a comment. It should work. Try it! You know you want to be cool!

* Note: Comments are still screened at this point.. so you won’t likely see your comment until I have approved it.. and the 1st time you use openid you have to authorize my site as being able to recieve data from your open id provider.