What’s in a name?

I need some names for my tombstones. I found some epitaphs I like, a couple have names in them, but I need names for the others… I like humorous names to go with the epitaphs.
For example I’m using, “M. T. SUIT” for the following
Lived a life of stress and worry
Rushing through it in a hurry
Didn’t stop to smell the roses
But now he feeds them as he decomposes

Make your suggestions by comment please.

Here lies my Wife
in Earthy Mold
Who when she Died
and naught but Scold
Good Friends go softly
in your walking
Lest she should Wake
and Rise up Talking

Stranger tread
this ground with gravity.
Dentist Brown
is filling his last cavity.
* Obviosuly this one has a last name… but it doesn’t effect the rhyme if its changed… I would like a full humorous name if possible, but if not this one is actually fine as is…
Blown upward
out of sight:
He sought a gas leak
by candlelight


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