Haunted by progress

Today I was able to make a lot of progress on the new props for Halloween. I managed to carve 2 more tombstones, and make some serious progress on the Talking Skull. The tombstones, except for one more, are all carved and their fronts are painted. I have attached the wood I will use to mount the stakes using Liquid Nails adhesive. Tomorrow night I hope to paint the back sides of all of the tombstones, then later in the week is going to help me make them look like stone.
The talking skull prop made a quantum leap today, thanks to a shopping trip last night with my lady. I have been struggling with what I was going to mount the skull on. Last night while at Target, we found a Halloween urn. I saw it, and knew I had to have it, it was perfect. Once I had it I knew I needed a platform to go in it to attach the skull. I made a trip to the hardware store, and forced my brain to reject things for what they were designed for and to look at them as “legos” so to speak. I knew I needed something able to support the weight of the skull, and yet be made of a material I could work with. I decided PVC would be the best bet, and wandered the plumbing isle. I found a flush mount toilet flange, and knew I had exactly what i needed. I stopped in the paint area picked up some mis-tint paint in the approximate shades of grey I needed. When I got home, I checked the flange in the urn and it was an exact fit. I drilled a hole in the center, mounted the skull and knew I had what i needed. I then disassembled it and gave the flange a good coating of black paint.
Later I drilled a couple holes through the urn into the flange to allow for 2 screws to hold it securely in place, and then attached some LEDs for up lighting. It’s really coming along.

Skull mounted, no base paint.
Up-Lit Skull