Give me a break!

Ok, so I went back to the E.R. because the hives were returning.
I HATE, no let me rephrase, I DESPISE cocky doctors. Seriously! Just because you have a medical degree YOU ARE NOT GOD! You still need to listen to your PATIENTS!!! Drop the cocky attitude, drop the eletisim, and LISTEN TO US!!!!

Read on for my morning insanity…

I was sitting in the E.R. room, waiting for the doctor. When he walked through the door, I immediately detected an aire of attitude. He glanced at my leg, which I had positioned so the large hive on it was plainly visible. With a casual glance he snap diagnosed me with, “Oh, you have ringworm.” “WHAT!” I retorted. “Yup that’s ringworm.” I tried to regain composure, “Ok, why was it not ringworm last night when I was in here, and why then was it a textbook case of hives” “You know ringworm is highly contagious, its a bacteria spread….” “Excuse me! WHY WAS IT HIVES LAST NIGHT AND RINGWORM TODAY?!!” “Hives, no that doesn’t look like hives… that look like ringwom…” “Ok, LISTEN, this morning when I got up i examined myself, and there wasn’t a single mark left on me from last night! 5 hours ago! I showered, I took a benadry, and started putting my shirt on, as I did I noticed some itching on my leg. I looked and 2 of the hives had reappeared.” “..mmmhmmm.. so you had this last night?” “YES! I was here for hours last night, they gave me a shot of something and sent me home, first thing this morning there wasn’t a single mark on me!” “hmm well show me some of the other spots. ” “Ok, see these two marks, I circled the initial outbreak this morning with a magic marker, its gotten bigger outside the marker mark… and now they have appeared on my chest, and under arm again, in DIFFERENT LOCATIONS from last night” he looks at my underarm. “Well now see these look like hives, but those on your legs are ringworm” “… OK EXPLAIN TO ME, WHY I WOULD HAVE HIVES UNDER MY ARM, AND RINGWORM ON MY LEG!!!” “hmm… yeah…” “Ok, the welts were GONE COMPLETELY this morning when I showered. In the next 20 to 30 minutes they started to re-appear.” “So how long have you had these?” “just over an hour!” “only an hour?” “YES!” “ok, that doesn’t sound like ringworm then…” At some point during this insanity, there was mention of my blood pressure having risen to 150/94… no DUH… geee ya think it’s elevated… I’m PISSED… maybe there might be a reason my BP is up!!! genius!!!

Finally… the doctor agreed they were indeed hives, and explained that its probably going to take a day or two for the allergen that is causing them to fully exit my system and I could expect some flareups off and on, and the best thing to do is just continue the benedryl, and the predisone. GEEEEZ! That’s all I called for in the 1st place this morning… and they said on the phone I needed to come back in.

So after the doctor left, the billing person came in… I don’t know if the doctor told her of she she decided to become a physician in her part time..
“Oh look you have ringworm!” AAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
“Ok, look if its ringworm… why would it go away over night, then return in different spots this morning.”
“Oh, I’ve had ringworm before it hurts a lot….”
“Look, I was in here 5 hours ago… they said its hive caused by an alergic reaction….”
“oh see that a full ring there, and thats a half ring on that one…”
“Look! The DOCTOR says now its just a flareup of hives… the same thing I was treated for 5 hours ago! Besides that… It was compleetly gone this morning when I got up… NO TRACE”
“Oh, you must have missed it, ringworm doesn’t go away like that…”
“yes, but HIVES DO!!!!”
“ok, mmmhmm… well Mr Wallers”
“..uhhuh wohlers… we require a $50 deposit…”
“Strange, you didn’t last night”
“Oh really… well we have a new girl she messed up, guess you’re lucky”

Lucky??? Wow, I’d hate to see what unlucky is…



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  1. Haven’t you learned by now not to go to the hospital in Sandwich for anything? They have always been idiots. A new coat of paint and a new name won’t fix stupid. I’m very glad to hear it is nothing serious though. Try to have a good rest of the weekend. I love ya!

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