Hives are for bees…

Last night while sitting here at the computer I noticed a “mosquito bite” on my arm. It was a pretty nasty looking one but as I do, I ignored it. When I went to get ready for bed, I discovered my legs were covered in them, and they were appearing on my chest without mosquitoes. I panicked. Fortunately Kilted was still online, and I asked him about them. He sent me a link to a picture of a hive. Sure enough thats what it they looked like. We decided I better go to the E.R.

So I found some loose fitting shorts and a t-shit and headed off to the E.R. in Sandwich. I walked in, rang the bell to be treated, and the paramedic that answered asked me who I was there to see. I calmly responded, I’m here for myself. “Oh, sorry man, you look fine, best looking patient person I’ve seen all day” I then explained to the E.R. Doc who was siting next to the paramedic what was going on. He moved me to a triage room, and left me with a Tech to do my vitals. By this point I was itching horribly (I resisted the urge to scratch, boy does that take willpower) and so I sat and waited. The Dr. came in and took a look “Wow this is a textbook case of hives if I ever have seen one, do you mind if I show some of the Nusing Tecs this?” I told him I didn’t mind, and off he went to look after others. Right then Kilted and showed up, they drove all the way down to look after me. I have the best friends in the world BTW. Right after they arrived the Billing person came in and got the paperwork took care of. Then after a long ass wait, where I watched and felt move hives appear all over my body, a nurse came in and shot me up with a mega dose of benadryl and told me to go home, and handed me my walking papers. “Thats it?” “Yup, just take these every four hours” “So, I can go?” “Yep, have a nice night” So we left, and went to Wal-Mart to get some calamine lotion, and also picked up some sort of oatmeal bath that I intended to take this morning. (I didn’t take it because when I woke up, there wasn’t a trace of the hives left on me. woot.

So now I have developed an allergic reaction to something the Doctor has me on… The ER doc thinks its the Z-Pac. Frankly I find that odd, as I’ve taken Z-Pacs tons of times. He also discontinued the new inhailer, which I tend to think was the likely cause. I remember itching yesterday morning after taking it, but I often itch from dry skin so it didn’t occur to me that might be a reaction.

In summary, Friends Rock, Hives suck.