Home from Stronghold

Holy cats am I exhausted. I’m home from Stronghold and I feel like I’ve just done a 3 day weekend at bristol. Guess I’m not really fully recovered. Which I guess I knew but still. Plus the hives keep returning. I’m now quiet certain its the prednisone doing it, as I had no hives until I took the prednisone today then I started breaking out in about 15 minutes from the time I took it. So I dosed myself on benedryl pretty heavily all day to keep them at bay, I finally got them all gone by about 1:00. I’m not going to take the prednisone tomorrow right when I get up and see what happens. I have an appointment with my Doctor in the afternoon, so hopefully I’ll have this all sorted out SOON!

I wouldn’t have suspected the prednisone really until yesterday I came down with the hiccups, and they were uncontrollable. Normally I can suppress them in seconds, but the moment I’d stop focusing on suppressing them, they would return full force. I looked up side effects from prednisone, and found hiccups to be a rare side effect, along with hives… Which really that tracks with the time the hives first appeared… the day I took the 1st prednisone. Oh well, bed time, work tomorrow, ugh…


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  1. Well that sucks, but at least it didn’t prevent you from going to Stronghold both days. I once had a negative reaction to some medicine that was prescribed to me; it was not enjoyable.

    (Did ya get pictures of faire, lots and lots of pictures? Although just enjoying the air and scenery and cameraderie is good, too.)

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