I have a new name

Today at the Carolina Renissance Festival, I was given a new name. I am now known throughout the Carolina fair, and probably half a dozen other faires as “Shanty Claus”. This name was given to me by “The Pirates Royale”.

I decided to check out the pirates royale today. I had heard good things, but had never been to a fair with them so I have never seen them perform. I sat in the front row. They took the stage and performed a few songs and I sang along on the chorus, then they decided to do Marching Inland by Tom Lewis. This song, as of Bristol this year has prompted me to produce my oar, and march around with it over my shoulder. Well, this isn’t Bristol and these guys don’t know me so I figured it would be best to keep it tame. I just tossed the oar over my shoulder in my seat. One of the member of the group saw it, laughed and got a wicked grin on his face. He reached out for the oar, which I gladly offered up.
Origins of Shanty Claus
He then proceeded to play with the oar on stage. After a few wise cracks, one of the members made a comment about “Shanty Claus”, me. I thought it was a riot of a name, and before I knew it there were people talking about “shanty claus”.
It continued at dinner and afterwards when we were talking about our days, and I mentioned the oar thing with the pirates royale, I received responses of “THAT WAS YOU!?! YOU’RE SHANTY CLAUS!!!”

Who knew… šŸ™‚ Oh well, I like it, it’s pretty funny.


3 thoughts on “I have a new name

  1. So Funny!!

    I *adore* the Pyrates Royale, they’re *wonderful*!!! Their home faire is Maryland, yet another good reason to visit!!!

    Shanty Claus… Rotfl!

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