No Boom today, Boom tomorrow…

Last night while driving back from NC we stopped to fill the gas tank at a Pilot gas station outside of Indianapolis. The station appeared to be clean, and well lit and well maintained. As we pulled in I noticed a maintenance person for the station out at one of the pumps cleaning the pump. I was mildly impressed… at first. I stepped out of the vehicle and glanced over in the direction of the maintenance worker. As I did I thought I saw him flick a cigarette butt onto the ground, but I realized how stupid that had to be, and assumed I must have just imagined it. Still, I commented to Harold, “hey was that guy smoking?” Harold and I both glanced over to see the maintenance worker reach into his pocket and pull out and light a fresh cigarette and then resume his cleaning of the gas pump. “That would be a yes!” Harold quickly finished filling the tank while I grabbed some water and we got the hell out of there before there could be a BOOM.

People scare me.