Filled up my tank today.. $2.96, the station across the street… $3.15 for regular… What the heck? 19 cents difference!



On this night of nights may all who have felt sorrow and loss find peace and solace.

Here we come a copying among the…

At 7:49 pm the copier let me know the “copy bandit” was at it again. Today before leaving I setup a program to poll the page count hourly. I now know how many copies this person is making in addition to when they are making them.

I contacted the cadets who actually seemed excited to go catch the person… I feel like an ass in some regards… I mean it is Christmas time, I really don’t want anyone to loose their job or anything over the holidays. Thing is, I don’t want to come back to work and have a broken copier either…

Copier Update

Yesterday I called to check up on my report to security regarding the copier. It seems there was no report filed by the night cadet. The two cadets during the day opened a report and did some investigating. When they stopped over at the library they asked, “So, where is the wrapper from the ream?”
No, I hadn’t mentioned that the 1st thing the copier told me was that tray 1 had been opened. The only reason that would have been the 1st message, would be if the person using it removed the normal paper, and put their own paper in. So, I responded to the cadet, “Well, considering it was probably the cleaning crew… I’m sure they emptied their own trash , but I’m curious to know how you knew there should have been a wrapper. ”
“We have someone on the security cameras coming in carying a ream of paper that is not the same as you guys use.”
“Oh really? Well that certainly fits with the emails I got from the copier. The first email I received was one telling me Tray 1 had been opened by someone.”
The second cadet chimed in with, “The only people up here at the times in question were the cleaning people”
“Well, thats no shock… they are always messing with things. Our razor knifes disappear out of desks and reappear all the time. The first aid kit vanished a month or so ago, the coffee disappears at an alarming rate…”
cadet 1: “This is the 1st we have heard of any of this, you need to be reporting all of this”
my Boss: “We have, to [their supervisor].”
me: “He frequently insists it’s it you guys doing it”
Cadet 2 rolled his eyes, while cadet 1’s blood pressure obviously rose just a twinge.
“Well, we will continue to look into this, and make sure the chief is aware of all of this when he gets back.”
me: “Thank you!”
boss: “If you need the emails let us know we can send them to you”
cadet: “Ok, thank you”

So, thats the latest on the copier story. I love our copier… 🙂

Copier Love

I love the new copier at work, not only does it make copies, it makes books, scans, acts as a printer, AND it is a nice tattle tale on late night campus staff.

Tonight, at 11:15 the copier emailed me to tell me it was out of paper. Strange… The library closed at 10:00pm. It then a minute later emailed me to let me know it no longer was out of paper. ??? uh… interesting… 10 minutes later, it was out of paper again… then it once again had paper… uhhh… stranger… a few minutes later, it emailed me to tell me it had a paper jam… At that point I called the campus cadets and asked them to look into who is over there… “I’ll take a walk over there a bit later and take a look”, “Ok.. I replied” 20 minutes later the copier emailed me to tell me someone had removed the duplexer… I freaked, and called the cadet again. “Look, something is going on up there! someone just removed parts form the copier that should not be removed!!” “I’ll head over now!” “Thank you” “Wait.. how do you know this is going on?” “The copier emailed me for help…” “uhh… ok…”

Hopefully the cadet found out who was wrecking our brand new copier… I will be emailing the logs to both the chief, and to the head of maintenance.