Home Safe

I’m home safe, the normally 3.5 hour route home from port, by way of the girlfriends house, took an extra hour due to the weather. Boy am I glad we left at 8 when we did.

Thank You to those who contacted me, a meetup was just not in the cards. The parade, and post parade activities turned into an all night event. 🙂 I’m really glad she went with, it was fun having her there.

I’ll post more, when I have slept… But WOW was this a fun trip, and worth it.


  • Picture with Santa Clause and the pirates!
  • Us becoming the #2 attraction at the photo shop while we were there
  • Helping the fund raiser to teach teddy bears to drive 🙂
  • Jack Sparrow and the Beauty Salon
  • Having a fellow pirate who could handle “yes and…” and run with it. Ian you rock
  • Cute wee little lass who wanted to talk and talk to us pirates. That wonderment, and glow is just amazingCute Kid
  • Boy who shouted… “HEY I REMEMBER YOU!!!” while grinning from ear to ear.
  • Chasing after the horse drawn carriage, shouting about my ship leaving with out me


  • Weather on the way home.
  • Having to leave early casue of the weather, and distance