When your carpet absolutly positivly needs to be clean in a hurry… Call 911

Today while on the road, I saw a car in the ditch. I pulled out the cell phone and dialed 911 to report it. The phone rang a few times and and then the voice on the other end said “Hello, Vac – N – Clean”.
I said, “What? What was that?”
“This is Vac-N-Clean”, the voice repeated.
I, shocked, responded “uhhh…. Thats not right, I dialed 911”
The voice on the other end responded: “WHAT!! WOW!! Uhhh good luck in your emergency”, and then hung up.

I dialed 911 again, the phone rang, and rang, and rang, an rang, then the answering machine picked up, “Thank you for calling Vac-N-Clean…”.
I hung up.

I then called 611, and got in touch with a technician. I’ve never seen a support call escalated so quickly, within 10 minutes I was at the highest tier of support, and they were all sounding a little panicked.