The Ice Storm

Well so far it hasn’t been to bad. Theres a lot of ice on things, Waubonsee closed, and I’ve been doing projects aroudn the house.

I did snap a few pictures because things do look pretty cool. (no pun intended)

This image has glowing blobs in it, those are water droplets that dripped off my porch and got caught by the flash. Pretty cool looking.


Home Safe

I’m home safe, the normally 3.5 hour route home from port, by way of the girlfriends house, took an extra hour due to the weather. Boy am I glad we left at 8 when we did.

Thank You to those who contacted me, a meetup was just not in the cards. The parade, and post parade activities turned into an all night event. 🙂 I’m really glad she went with, it was fun having her there.

I’ll post more, when I have slept… But WOW was this a fun trip, and worth it.


  • Picture with Santa Clause and the pirates!
  • Us becoming the #2 attraction at the photo shop while we were there
  • Helping the fund raiser to teach teddy bears to drive 🙂
  • Jack Sparrow and the Beauty Salon
  • Having a fellow pirate who could handle “yes and…” and run with it. Ian you rock
  • Cute wee little lass who wanted to talk and talk to us pirates. That wonderment, and glow is just amazingCute Kid
  • Boy who shouted… “HEY I REMEMBER YOU!!!” while grinning from ear to ear.
  • Chasing after the horse drawn carriage, shouting about my ship leaving with out me


  • Weather on the way home.
  • Having to leave early casue of the weather, and distance


Today is the day of the Port Washington Christmas Parade. The parade starts at 3:00, and I’ll be leaving to head up there about 9:30. I’m going to be in the parade for the Pirate Festival, then hang out a bit afterwards to hand out flyers, pose or pictures, etc. Not sure what will be on the agenda for the way home, but if anyone on the 94/294 corridor wants to get together, give me a call on the cell, It will be me and the girlfriend.

Wow what a day

Today was . An administrator had wiped and re-installed windows on a laptop they were getting rid of, but they couldn’t get the WiFi working. It turns out somehow the cards driver had the smart card setting turned on, once I turned that off all was well. After that, I went down to the vending machine to get a cookie, because sometimes you just need a cookie. I needed more than a cookie…
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Inbox Cleaning

I have hosted my own email server in my house for longer than I can remember. It was a nice way to learn more about the internet, and to keep my skills fresh. It did have one downside… Maintenance of the hardware. With as much mail that comes in (spam, etc) the drives got quite a workout and needed to be replaced more other than I would have liked. Recently I started noticing the server reporting problems with the main hard drive, again. Rather than rebuilding the server yet again, I made a decision. I signed up for, and have now moved my mail hosting to Google for domains. I had considered doing this before, but Google was not offering map support. Without that, there was no way to migrate all my existing mail over. No Google offers IMAP support, and so it seemed that the time was right for a change. As of this morning, I have now managed to migrate all of my important email over to my GMail for domains setup. In doing this I actually managed to clean up my inbox, organize my mail, delete unneeded mail, and trim my inbox from over 500 messages, to 8.

What does this mean for all of you? Nothing… My email address has not changed, only the physical location. I don’t have to worry about backups, drives failing, etc… I also now have a nice calendar, chat, and document storage. Overall, I think this was a nice change. One of the best parts, I didn’t have to retrain my mother how to use it, with IMAP nothing on her end changed. 🙂