Banks good with money? HA!

Honestly, I never learn… I keep expecting banks to be good with money and numbers… I mean really isn’t that what they do?
I checked my balance tonight, to find out that last night I was somehow overdrawn by $108. What the hell… yesterday morning when I checked it I had $197 balance in my checking… I had no pending drafts, and I spent all of $5.82 on lunch. I looked closely at the statements, and discovered they posted my 1/2 of the mortgage payment on the 30th. I signed the papers to have the auto payment taken out on the 6th, to make absolutely certain my check is in… WTF the 30th and the 6th are NOT the same thing. I immediately called the mortgage company, they offered to pay all fees, and then looked into the account and confirmed,no it should be taken out on the 6th. The service rep then informed me that they do send the data to the banks early to allow for processing time but that data has the proper dates on it. “So, basically my bank screwed up” “I’m not allowed to say that” “So I should talk to them too?” “I would certainly work at this from both ends” “I understand, thank you for your honesty” “Is there anything else I can do for you?” “At the moment, no but thank you for asking”
So, tomorrow I will be calling my bank to chew them out… Banks are dumb…



Hey, anyone want girl scout cookies? Jon Baade’s daughter is selling them and needs to know by the end of the week. If you would like to order some, please contact jon via e-mail with your phone number. His daughter will then contact you via phone to take your order. The deadline… End of the month! Don’t have Jon’s email? Respond to this posting and I will forward on the message.

Would you like that on a croissant?

It took me an hour and a half to get to work today, that is approximately double my normal time. The reason for this is I took the long way after hearing on the radio that most back roads were between 100 and 75% unplowed. EWW… One advantage to the long way, is that it takes me past a Dunkin’ Donuts. So, after 50 minutes of driving at a snails pace on roads that were pretty well plowed (ok, probably 40% clear) I pulled into the drive-in. I personally wasn’t really in the mood for donuts, but I order an assorted dozen for work. I then order a “sausage Omelet Bagel Sandwich”. The voice on the other end of the speaker then asked, “Did you want that on a coissant or a bagel?” I blinked imagining a bagel wrapped inside a croissant… “Bagel please” “Do you want sausage or bacon?” At this point I became even more confused, and began to question my sanity. What part of a sausage omelet bagel sandwich would not cover whether or not I wanted sausage or bacon, and croissant or bagel?

Dial 0 for “DUH”

Ok, this just happened to me… Holy recursive loop batman…

I dial a support number, the auto attendant answers, “Thank you for calling ____ our hours of operation are ___, please dial your party’s extension, or wait on the line for support”
I wait
The phone rings…
The phone rings…
The auto attendant picks up “Extension ….0…. is invalid, please press 0 to speak to an operator.”
ok… I’ll bite… I press 0
The phone rings…
The phone rings…
The auto attendant picks up “Extension ….0…. is invalid, please press 0 to speak to an operator.”

I’m not falling for that one again…

nvidia / Ubuntu

Today, I booted up the laptop, logged in, and it started playing the login music, and returned to the login screen. I tried again, thinking perhaps I had made a weird typo or something… Same result. I then remembered that yesterday a bunch of things were updated. One of the updates must have broken the nvidia drivers. So, I had to download the newest ones and recompile them. Once I did that, and installed them, all was well again.


Wednesday our student worker and I were talking, and we got to wondering if there was anything for MythTV (Her husband setup a myth box for them) to transfer video to the iPod. After I got home, I looked into it, and found the Myth2iPod project. I did some work on getting it installed on my MythTV box, and set it to encode some of my video over night. When I got to work today I tried adding the video to the iPod and it failed. I spent most of tonight looking into this conundrum, and finally came across mention that using the H.264 codec on linux will result in a video that is playable on the ipod, but that will not be able to be copied to the iPod via iTunes…
I switched the default setting in ‘/etc/nuvexportrc’ to mpeg4, and tried encoding another video.

Now, when I record a program using MythTV it will automatically transcode it into the mpeg4 format, and create a video podcast entry for that program. iTunes should then see the change, download the video, and i can add it to my iPod to watch at will. This certainly makes it easier to keep up on my shows!