Wednesday our student worker and I were talking, and we got to wondering if there was anything for MythTV (Her husband setup a myth box for them) to transfer video to the iPod. After I got home, I looked into it, and found the Myth2iPod project. I did some work on getting it installed on my MythTV box, and set it to encode some of my video over night. When I got to work today I tried adding the video to the iPod and it failed. I spent most of tonight looking into this conundrum, and finally came across mention that using the H.264 codec on linux will result in a video that is playable on the ipod, but that will not be able to be copied to the iPod via iTunes…
I switched the default setting in ‘/etc/nuvexportrc’ to mpeg4, and tried encoding another video.

Now, when I record a program using MythTV it will automatically transcode it into the mpeg4 format, and create a video podcast entry for that program. iTunes should then see the change, download the video, and i can add it to my iPod to watch at will. This certainly makes it easier to keep up on my shows!