Would you like that on a croissant?

It took me an hour and a half to get to work today, that is approximately double my normal time. The reason for this is I took the long way after hearing on the radio that most back roads were between 100 and 75% unplowed. EWW… One advantage to the long way, is that it takes me past a Dunkin’ Donuts. So, after 50 minutes of driving at a snails pace on roads that were pretty well plowed (ok, probably 40% clear) I pulled into the drive-in. I personally wasn’t really in the mood for donuts, but I order an assorted dozen for work. I then order a “sausage Omelet Bagel Sandwich”. The voice on the other end of the speaker then asked, “Did you want that on a coissant or a bagel?” I blinked imagining a bagel wrapped inside a croissant… “Bagel please” “Do you want sausage or bacon?” At this point I became even more confused, and began to question my sanity. What part of a sausage omelet bagel sandwich would not cover whether or not I wanted sausage or bacon, and croissant or bagel?