Banks good with money? HA!

Honestly, I never learn… I keep expecting banks to be good with money and numbers… I mean really isn’t that what they do?
I checked my balance tonight, to find out that last night I was somehow overdrawn by $108. What the hell… yesterday morning when I checked it I had $197 balance in my checking… I had no pending drafts, and I spent all of $5.82 on lunch. I looked closely at the statements, and discovered they posted my 1/2 of the mortgage payment on the 30th. I signed the papers to have the auto payment taken out on the 6th, to make absolutely certain my check is in… WTF the 30th and the 6th are NOT the same thing. I immediately called the mortgage company, they offered to pay all fees, and then looked into the account and confirmed,no it should be taken out on the 6th. The service rep then informed me that they do send the data to the banks early to allow for processing time but that data has the proper dates on it. “So, basically my bank screwed up” “I’m not allowed to say that” “So I should talk to them too?” “I would certainly work at this from both ends” “I understand, thank you for your honesty” “Is there anything else I can do for you?” “At the moment, no but thank you for asking”
So, tomorrow I will be calling my bank to chew them out… Banks are dumb…