Ok, not the banks fault

Ok so, dong some more digging into the auto payment nonsense… It turns out, it’s not the mortgage company’s fault, nor is it the banks fault. The payment in question actually belongs to the car finance people. I called them and they informed me that the payment due date is the 29th. I explained that I had requested a date of the 6th. They moved the date to the 6th as requested. I then asked if they were going to cover the $30 overdraft fee. The rep on the other end of the line responded with “Sir, we didn’t overdraft your account, you did.” Excuse me??? “I’m looking at the transaction…” “We don’t do that sir” “You took the payment on the 30th, my check doesn’t post until the 31st.” “30th? it should have posted on the 29th” “Ok… still not addressing the problem… when I signed up for auto debit, I asked for it to be posted on the 6th” “Well, your payment is due on the 29th and you have a 10 day grace period” “what does that have to do with anything… the debit occurred on the 30th, my check didn’t go into my account till the 31st… so i have an overdraft fee of $30” “well sir you will have to talk to your bank about forgiving the overdraft” “…thanks…” “ok sir, will there be anything else?” “no…” I hung up.

What the hell…


3 thoughts on “Ok, not the banks fault

  1. Coming form someone who works with this sort of thing for a living… you should have pushed harder and/or gone to a supervisor level Most likely they still wouldn’t have waived it, but considering you are a customer you might have been able to coerce them into it.

  2. So..wait.. am I understanding this?

    The mortgage co says it is due the 29th, but you have a 10 day grace period.
    So when you requested the 6th of the month, they okayed it.. but because that falls into the “10 day grace”, they didn’t bother to note that it should not be charged to your account until that date?

    That would mean this will happen EVERY month..
    You wanted to change the due date.. not make the payment by the “grace period”.
    I’ve had this EXACT argument before.

  3. Yeah, I was going to make the same point. Did you have them change the payment to come out on the 6th? From the conversation you posted it doesn’t sound like that happened. I’d suggest calling the car finance people back and asking them to confirm that your payment is going to come out on the 6th of the month. If they don’t/won’t change it to the 6th, cancel the auto pay and setup it up as a reoccurring bill pay through the bank’s website.
    And, yeah, the bank needs to refund the overdraft, but you should be able to talk to a manager there and get them to do that.

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