Wow, what a night

Last night I was part of a group hired to be pirates for a party in Milwaukee. I left home early enough to account for bad roads and arrived in Milwaukee with plenty of time to spare. Once everyone else arrived we met with our gracious contact for the event. He provided an enormous room to use as a green room, water, and validated our parking. Before we knew it the clock said six p.m. and it was time for us to start.
All together there were five of us, three pirates, “Captain Joe Cotton”, “Scuttle Sally”, “John T. Hawser” and there were two “ladies” as well, “Pandora”, and “Chastity”. We headed into the party and were an immediate hit. The 1st hour of the party offered free beer, which were we encouraged to take advantage of and in my case, I did. (ok, I had 2 beers during the free period) We all wandered the floor playing with people and generally just causing trouble. We continued on until nearly nine, a full hour and a half extra. The organizers loved it, and were very pleased, enough that they comped us dinner too.

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