The magic of a tiny piece of glass

Last week as I was waiting for my counseling appointment, the client before me came out in a rather flustered state. She apologized for running over her time and I insisted there was no need to apologize at all. She then began to make out her check, and started explaining to me that it wouldn’t happen again for quite a while at least, because she was having surgery on her foot. She continued on a bit more, and looking into her face I could tell she was really struggling. She finished writing her check, apologized for dumping on me and left. I went in and started my session. As we started, the counselor asked me how I felt about the conversation in the lobby. I said it didn’t bother me, and that I knew she just needed to talk. “well… I can’t tell you anything of course so I have no way of knowing what she told you…” I then explained what I was told. She then said “ahh, ic… I would like to ask a favor of you… but I need you to be completely comfortable knowing you can say no without…” I smiled, “Just ask, it’s ok” “oh ok… uh… well do you think perhaps next week you could possibly give her one of those little stones…” “Of course, It’s not a problem” she smiled, I continued, “do you want me to wear the garb and all?” “that’s entirely up to you…”

Flash forward to tonight…

I arrived early with the upper half of my garb, and my treasure chest tucked under my arm. I headed straight for the restroom and changed my shirt, and donned my hat, removed my glasses, and my watch, then returned to the lobby to wait. While waiting I tried to figure out how I would initiate this interaction. I decided that walking out of a session to me sitting there dressed as a pirate might be a bit disconcerting. I removed the hat, and put my coat on and hid the hat, and the treasure chest. Shortly after I did so a client for another counselor came in and sat next to me. At that point I was really glad I had removed the hat and covered the garb, I didn’t want to confuse someone not familiar with what was going on. I sat and waited for the other person to get called for their appointment… I continued to wait… normally there are no other appointments on the same night… After a while I heard a door open. I had hoped it was the other counselor, but it wasn’t. The woman I was to present the bauble to came out and as expected sat down. I asked her how she was doing with “the matter we talked about last week”. I didn’t want to violate her trust in front of a stranger. She responded “oh.. thanks, well I have a one week reprieve… but that messes up a ton of other things… seems like life always trys throwing wrenches in things…” “well that happens, but its not always that way…” “maybe… so how are you?” at this point the counselor had moved to a strategic location just out of the other person line of sight but still where she could observe. “oh I’m good” “really?” “yeah, things are pretty good overall” “oh that’s good… did you get contacts? you normally wear glasses you look different with glasses on” “no, no didn’t get contacts…”, thank god, an opening, ” there is a reason for the no glasses however” I reached to my side pulled out the hat switched to the pirate voice, “well ya see… on the weekends I often spend time performing at various events as a pirate…” with the switching to the pirate voice the stranger carefully raised an eye up from the book she was reading. I continued, “… and as a pirate I carry around me treasure chest…” I reached and pulled up the chest. At this the stranger scrunched down in her book even more. The client I was addressing started smiling and uttered “oh… oh… this this is so wonderful…”… so in this ‘er chest I have a bunch o treasure given ta me by a beautiful mermaid…”.. “oh heheh a mermaid oh this is so amazing….” “and well I give out these ere magic stones to those that need em… and well after what ya told me last week I thought ta meself that you could certainly use one of ’em” “oh… oh…” I reached into the chest and pulled out one of the shiniest of glass baubles, and placed it in her hand. “now this here treasure is magical, and what yo do is hold that in yer hand, and think of all the good things that have happened ta ya… and you hold it tight… then put it away safe… then when ya start feeling down.. and things seem all bad an miserable… you hold onta that stone again ad you look at it.. and you’ll remember all those good things again.. and them well then ya see ya wont feel so bad anymore…” “oh.. oh thats just so sweet… oh this.. this is just wonderful… i… i… i can’t thank you enough… oh .. thank you thank you… I will keep it, you have no idea how much this means.. oh my god… I’m going to cry here…” She then hugged me and thanked me again, and excused herself.. as she headed to the door she was smiling more than I have seen her smile ever before. I turned to the stranger and comment in my normal voice, “i bet you are wondered how you got stuck in this situation huh?” the client just chuckled. The woman I was interacting with saw the counselor watching as she left and said “I get the feeling someone might have gave someone a hint huh…” the counselor just smiled. “Thank you, both… that was really wonderful”


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