Weekend overview – Cedarburg Winter Fest

This was a long weekend, but it was definitely worth it. I had a lot of fun, and I think everyone else involved did too. I’m going to list the bests and worsts, and then as time permits hopefully relate other stories in additional posts. If any of my fellow pirates have their own best and worsts, go ahead and post them in the comments, I’d love to hear them. If you have an item that you want me to tell more about feel free to ask, and I’ll do my best to remember the circumstances.


  • Ian and I getting dragged up on stage by “Grey Beard” (David HB Drake) to join him for sea shanties Saturday
  • Sunday the whole crew getting pulled in for almost a full set by Grey Beard
  • “Of Pirates and Sea Monsters” (see previous post)
  • Getting to work with the whole pirate group again
  • Having the sausage racers request to have a picture with me
  • Carving and arguing over the “ice island of mustacheo”
  • “Walking the plank”
  • Playing craps and not caring about losing “money”
  • Saturday night hot tub pirate defrosting
  • Sausage Racers taking pictures of us
  • Having to develop a characters signature for autographs
  • “I spy with me little eye…. somethin’ pancaky” and “defective telescope salesman”
  • Ships of the desert, whales, and the ferocious t-rex
  • Having my accent placed, again, to the same location, by another British couple


  • It’s winter fest, not arctic fest… -30 windchills Sunday
  • Really upsetting one kid at the pancake breakfast
  • Parading at double time
  • Broken spigot on my new barrel
  • “R” jokes till I was ready to vomit, especially from drunks…
  • Did I mention the weather?

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  1. We were thinking about going but decided against it due to the cold. Glad you survived without frostbite! 🙂

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