Shooting at NIU!!!

HOLY CRAP!!! 22 people shot at NIU!!! at least 6 dead… HOLY CRAP!!! Geology class at Cole hall… HOLY CRAP!!! Gunman is one of the dead from a self inflicted gunshot wound. Seems a shotgun and 2 handguns were involved, 1 glock, one unknown. Gunman burst through the door, said nothing, and started firing. Many of the wounds are head wounds.
Professor Joseph Peterson was shot, but is in good condition.
Police response time was under 2 minutes.

18 victims were transported to Kishwaukee Community Hospital in DeKalb:

  • Eight victims are in stable condition
  • Six victims are in good condition
  • Four victims are in critical condition and two of those victims were transported to regional hospitals

Chicago Tribune is now reporting as of 6:20, that there are now 5 dead.

As of 6:55 the Kishwaukee hospital website had the following details:
17 patients have arrived.
6 – critical condition
2 flown to Saint Anthony Hospital
3 flown to Good Samaritan Hospital
1 flown to Rockford Memorial Hospital
3 – discharged
2 – admitted to Kishwaukee Community Hospital
1 – fatality confirmed, unidentified male (not identified as the gunman)

Update form press conference:
6 fatalities
4 female, 2 male.