Knight Rider Movie

I’ll admit, I have had my doubts regarding the new Knight Rider movie / series pilot. After having watched it, I found it to be enjoyable. I have some beefs, but nothing can’t deal with. The use of magical nano technology again annoys me, but I guess it could be worse. The biggest offense was a scene where a SUV traveling at high speed crashes into magical nano tech K.I.T.T. and yet K.I.T.T. reacts as if it were a brick wall, with absolutely NO movement on it’s part. That was WAY to unbelievable. I did like the bullet proofing / auto regeneration aspect much better than the original series’ chemically bonded impervious shell thing… The overall story wasn’t to bad, and did a decent job of trying to tie this new version into the old series. The new K.I.T.T. seems a bit uptight, but I think that will probably evolve, and actually seemed to do so some during the life of the movie. My 2nd biggest complaint was the 1st hour seemed to be a big Ford commercial. Almost every car on the road was a ford, and there were CONSTANT shots of the mustang, and cobra logos…

Overall I would certainly watch a new series if it kept the “tech magic” down, and focused on the story line, one man and his intelligent car making a difference.