The humor of a dictionary…

I was looking over some server logs, when I noticed a search that had been performed in our catalog that set me to laughing. No granted I realize I have no place to criticize ANYONE for spelling errors, but cut me some slack here, as I found this search quite funny…

Results: 0
Results: 0

At this point the user must have noticed the catalog tried to fix the spelling for them because the next search did have the word DICTIONARY spelled correctly. Again, I’m the last person who should point out spelling errors, but damn is that funny!


Out of touch…

Ok, I am totally out of touch with current gamer culture I guess. I just noticed the following in the marketing blurb for a high end graphics card.
“…watch your characters sweat with Shader Model 4.0.”

I can honestly say, I have never in my life thought that sweating looked cool. I can honestly say that I have no desire whatsoever to watch a human sweat, let alone a computer generated character.

Long time

Wow long time no post… Not really sure why… Just been really busy I guess… I’m giving two presentations in April for an international library conference so I’ve been swamped working on them, and a million other projects… more on tem all later… gotta run printer problems… ugh…