balloons, and more tears

Today, I went to the graveside on my own around noon. I knelt along side the tombstone, and talked, and cried… mostly cried…
After I regained composure, I headed over to Dave’s folks, where we were to meet up with Maggie, and one of his cousins. After Maggie arrived, we all headed back to the cemetery where we were met by a family friend. After everyone was there Maggie and I sang a song for Dave (I cant remember what one… ) Lin, and Jerry had bought a collection of balloons, one for each color of the rainbow. After Lin read a nice proverb, we each took a balloon and all together we released them, to send Dave a rainbow. We watched as the balloons soared off together into the sky. As the balloons rose the bluest one veered off on its own path, away from the rest, I followed it with my eyes until I could no longer see it. After the balloons vanished, Maggie and I sang a shortened version of sailors prayer (shortened cause neither of us could keep the words straight for some reason…) then after a few minutes we all headed back to Lin and Jerry’s to talk more.
This just doesn’t get easier… I can’t even imagine how Lin and Jerry do it.


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