Taxes: Done… Again

My taxes are once again done. Once again you ask? Well, I was in a rush to do them one night to get someone off my back… In my haste I missed a 1099-R on my return… I noticed it before filing the state returns though. Rather then start to fix it then, I waited until after my conference, and the anniversary of Dave’s accident. I needed to be in a less stressed mood. This was of course my original plan anyway… So today, I called in sick due to lack of sleep, which was true, and rested. Then after I got a good amount of rest, I sat down and re-computed my federal taxes, so I could file the state taxes correctly. I then went though the process of preparing an amended return for the feds. Wow there is a lot of paperwork… Despite my screwup, I did manage to come out ahead and will still get enough back form the state to cover what I owed the feds. See, when Sonja passed I received part of her retirement money. Without taxes taken out it was enough to eliminate my credit card debt. So, I waited on the taxes knowing I would end up paying a small amount to the feds now at tax time rather than getting a return. I was correct in assuming it would be MUCH less than owed than the interest earned for another month or two of credit card debt. So, now that mess is all over, I can begin to look at some of the other projects I said yes to before the conference and all.