Hey you kids… Get off my lawn…

… Today I met my new lawn mower guy. He is the youngest brother of a H.S. friend. He stopped by, to talk pricing, etc… I haven’t seen him in YEARS… He had no recollection of me, but holy crap I remember him. I remember him… in Diapers… and today he was going home to get ready for Prom. What the hell… Kids I knew in diapers should NOT be old enough to go to prom…


3 thoughts on “Hey you kids… Get off my lawn…

  1. Just like the cousins whose diapers we used to change should not be in college and getting married. I feel old when I stop about think about these things. Hope all is well with you,
    Love ShelbyJo

  2. You’re so cuuuute. You ever wonder about the people that have known you in diapers and much later heard about the wondrous grown up things that you do?

    Actually I can’t tease you too much because a kid I used to babysit when I was in high school is now the father of 3. It is so not fair to see kids 10 years younger then you procreating before you.

  3. I’d like to add that kids I gave birth to should NOT be getting their drivers permit next week. Be afraid. Very Afraid.

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