iPod still dead

ugh.. my iPod is still dead… I’ve replaced the battery, and that had nothing to do with its problems. While I had the iPod open i did notice a very disturbing dent on the top cover of the hard drive. The dent comes form the inside out, YIKES! I purchased an adapter (two actually) to allow me to install the iPod drive into a regular computer, and run diagnostics on it. The 2 computers I tried couldn’t even see the drive. I then tried the drive installed in a USB enclosure designed for this style of drive, and still the drive remains invisible to the system. It died good… no chance of recovering anything on it. So, whatever I don’t have backed up.. is gone for good.
For those who are curious, I have attached a photo of the drive, with the dent circled in red.
Dead iPod Drive


3 thoughts on “iPod still dead

  1. You probably have tons more music than I do, but if you think I might have any of what you lost, I’ll be happy to send it to you.

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