iPod and Music

Still no iPod… You know it’s funny, I resisted the idea of owning an iPod for so damn long, and now I’m going stir crazy without it… Funny…

A few weeks ago I noticed a pub/restaurant that can be on my way home, that has Open Mic night on Tuesdays. I’ve gone every Tuesday night since. It’s enjoyable, I was hoping there would be some folk music, so far there hasn’t been but it is all acoustic. So far it hasn’t chased me off, and it’s nice to have something to go to that’s close. People have already learned my name, and have been really friendly, and welcoming even though all I do is sit and listen. (ok, yeah I do sing along from my seat)

Wow, its late, I should get to bed…


One thought on “iPod and Music

  1. I’m jealous. Wish we had some sort of live music close. I can’t wait till Bristol but with the situation with Dave’s folks don’t even know whether that is going to happen as much this year.

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