Pure magic

Sometimes things happen that just solidify in my mind why I put myself through the physically exhausting experience of interacting with people at faires and festivals. This weekend had a number of moments, but one in particular stands out. This one nearly broke me on the spot, and really… who wants to see a grizzly pirate tearing up…

Close to the end of the day yesterday Ian and I were wandering playing with patrons. He stepped away for a few minutes to talk to some people and I was left alone interacting with people as they strolled by. These interactions are not much more than a wal-mart greeter “good day, i hope ye be enjoyin yer day” type thing, when this little girl and her mother and father approached me. She was about five or six and had a definite case of shyness. She wore a pink princess shirt, and darker pink shorts, with an eye patch pushed up into her hair. I could tell she was really interested in talking to me though because her eyes were huge, and she just couldn’t take them off me. I knelt down to eliminate some of the physical barrier and spoke to her. I asked her if she was having a good time. She nodded. Her mother then spoke, “we’ve been looking for you all day!” “What? Ye have, well you can stop lookin’ now as ye done found me”. The mother chuckled, and at that the little girl produced a pink sequined purse she had been hiding. She raised it up in front of her, and very carefully unzipped the zipper. She then every so gingerly reached two fingers into the purse, her eyes still transfixed on mine. She struggled for a moment to try to find what she was looking for then ever so slowly and cautiously drew a small glass stone from her purse. I smiled, and her mother spoke “She’s had it with her since January!” I nearly lost it right there. I then smiled again and asked her to show me once more, “What color lass?” giving me a moment to fight for composure. She did, and so I leaned in closely and asked her “So you’ve kept it safe ?” she nodded. “good lass, and has it worked for you?” at that her eyes exploded with delight, and a glow came across her face that could have lit the darkest of night, her head began to nod so vigorously that I was afraid she might end up hurting herself. “Awww good lass, you keep it safe and it will always work for you, I promise!” she nodded and we parted ways. I then walked off away from people to give myself a much needed moment to recover, and to drink it all in.
Anyone who says there is no such thing as magic needs to have their head, and their heart examined. It’s all around you, you just have to know where to look.


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  1. John, you made me cry. Fantastic. I’m so glad there’s a you. Thank you for getting it and doing it so well. Keeping the magic going seems easier when there are more of us spreading it.

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