Port Washington Pirate Fest 2008 – Part 4

Breakfast with the pirates was a lot of fun. This time around I managed not to drive any kids to tears (that i know of) and managed to get a number of laughs, and good interactions from them.

One of my favorite moments happened Sunday when the breakfast area became so full that Captain Jack (TJ) and I moved to the entrance / bar area for some fresh air. When we got out there there were a number of people waiting for their tables. Not being ones to let a captive audience go to waste, we immediately started playing with them. At one point we had asked about what they wanted for breakfast, and a kid replied pancakes. At that Jack interjected with “Don’t ya mean Flap-Jacks mate”. Seeing an opportunity for fun and audience participation we took it and ran with it. “Oh, come now Captain, ya can’t go around renamin’ everything after yerself ya know…” Captain Jack responded with something to the effect of “Oh, I think I can mate, I’m the Captain after all” “Fine fine, yes.. well ya know we pirates are all a democratic sort and what not, so what say you to a vote! Who amongst ye thinks they should remain pancakes” most of the group raised their hands. “1, 2, 3, 4.. 79 HA! Oh I think ye be out numbered cap’n”. Jack responded with a “We’ll see” “All in favor of renaming the breakfast item currently known as the pancake, to a flap-jack in honor of Captain Jack Sparrow raise yer hands.” About three people raised their hands. At this Captain Jack trained his pistol on the audience and of course they almost all switched their vote “1.. 2… 3… 84 I win!” So at that ‘fair’ vote… I raised myself up to full height, puffed out my chest, and began to proclaim; “Here upon this day, by fair vote of all present, it is hereby decreed by the power vested in me by Captain Jack himself, that the breakfast item formerly known as the pancake is to now and forever be known as [mock disgust] the flap-jack …sigh… in honor of the great Captain Jack Sparrow” then muttered under my breath “but I liked the name pancake…” People seemed to get a kick out of it and were definitely smiling. We then mingled a bit more, and this time when asked what they were planning on having for breakfast the responses were quite comical. We had defiant people who insisted on having pancakes, which got them looks from Jack, and the occasional self corrections of “panca… er… flap-jacks!” After a little bit more interaction we decided it was really getting far to crowded in the restaurant for all of us pirates and the people, so TJ, Ian, and myself left the restaurant to continue our fun outside.
So people of the world, if for some reason the name pancake starts disappearing off the breakfast menu, and is replaced by “flap-jack”… You can blame TJ and I… 🙂


3 thoughts on “Port Washington Pirate Fest 2008 – Part 4

  1. Blame me for renaming them “flap-Jacks”??? Don’t you me “congratulate” me for re-naming them??? 😉
    Great story, and another example of what a fine crew we have!

  2. Thanks for posting your experiences at the Port Washington Pirate Festival. I was looking for information for my post at FaireNews and came across your entries *chuckling* had to read them all before I went back to what I was supposed to be doing. I got a real feel for the festival through your eyes and I thank you for that.


  3. I had a grand time with you all, especially eating with the pirates.. I’m so glad we got the time to play and talk with the patrons, especially your story about the little girl. I think your face shown as bright as hers did!

    hugs and flapjacks, Merrydeath

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