Thanks to Karl and Gabi, they went with me today on my quest to locate a new A/C. We went to 3 stores before I settled on a free standing unit. It comes with a hose that fits into a panel that actually works in my sliding window in my bedroom. I finally have an A/C unit in my room. Previously the A/C unit I was using sat in the window in the hallway, I then had a set of fans I used to “pipe” air into my room. This will be MUCH more efficient, and best of all, to remove it from my window takes all of 2 minutes time, tops and it requires NO modification of the window.


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  1. Is it the portable kind on wheels? If so please keep us posted on how you like it. I was thinking of buying one of those for upstairs at our place. We have central air but it cools the first floor better than the second and this way we can set the thermostat a little higher at night and still cool the bedroom to a comfortable level.

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