Wow! How is it possibly Wednesday already? This past weekend was the opening weekend of the Bristol Renaissance Faire. Overall I thought it was a great weekend. Perfect weather, great music and time spent with many friends. There were a few snafus but nothing that couldn’t be overcome.
Saturdays this year I am puppet spotting for the giant jester Jyncks. Things went pretty well overall despite an couple glitches. I did end up feeling a little guilty for negotiating being done in time to see the revel when I found out the end of the day spotter ran jyncks into a bunch of chimes.
I got to spend Sunday doing whatever I wanted which ended up being mostly catching Michael O’Quinn’s shows. I cannot say enough times how thrilled I am Bristol gave him a contract this year even if it is only 2 weekends. He is a great performer, whom I am proud to be able to count as a friend.
Sunday had a few very special moments as well. A friend, Al, had arranged a whole host of special events for his dear friend who is suffering from a terminal illness. As part of her special day He asked me to present her with on of my magic stones. I found them early in the day and did so. She seemed touched. I’m glad I could be a part of it.
Sunday also included a march by the military to honor those in our family who had passed away this past year. It was very touching and indicative of just how much this family cares about each other.
That’s all for now, I hope to post my best/worst list soon.