One week

It’s hard to believe that one week from today I will be in Germany. Am I ready? No of course not… I still feel like there are about 200 thinks to do. I have a todo list and it tells me there are not 200 things but I can’t get it in my head that I should believe the list. “it lies” says my brain… Which is kinda funny as it came up with the list in the first place…
Last night I bought TSA locks, an around the neck wallet thing, and a special audio cable. With the exception of getting earplugs I think I am done buying stuff for the trip. With the exception of some new shoes tonight.
I still have to pack, and I need to curb my need to over pack. There is not going to be a lot of room in the van so the smaller the luggage the better. I’m now questioning my big collapsable rolling duffle bag but I think I can make it work ok.